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BUSINESS IMMO is a media group dedicated to the real estate industry. A leader in its market, BUSINESS IMMO offers a multimedia information concept. BUSINESS IMMO offers:

  • Information media: newsletters, news reports, monthly magazine, real estate directory, real estate VIP list (who’s who of key personalities of a profession listed according to jobs), etc.
  • Work tools available at : the Jobs section “Business Immo Careers” dedicated to recruitment and human resources in real estate, the section “Offers” dedicated to real estate offers, the “Transactions” database collating details of all transactions carried out in France since 1999, etc.
  • Conference and training cycles: several times a month these events allow you to share and deepen your knowledge of the major themes of real estate news.

Les Échos

Les Echos processes and analyses all the national, regional and international news affecting business. The daily publishes macroeconomic and political analysis in France and abroad (economic policy, public finances, etc.), sector analysis, company studies and a market analysis.


BNP Paribas Real Estate

BNP Paribas Real Estate is the European leader in real estate services, covering the entire life cycle of a property: Development, Transaction, Advisory, Property Management and Investment Management. With 5,400 employees, BNP Paribas Real Estate provides local support to owners, tenants, investors and local authorities in 30 countries (through its offices and network of alliances) in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. BNP Paribas Real Estate is a BNP Paribas Group company.


The Directorate of Housing, Urban Planning and Landscapes (DHUP) works for a policy of sustainable development and planning of our territories. By seeking to increase the performance of its building stock, and particularly the existing stock, the Ministry via the DHUP chooses to highlight initiatives such as CUBE 2020, the operational translation of the law on energy transition, to bring about a massive mobilization of public and private actors in the tertiary sector throughout the territory.


Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, with revenues of 42.3 billion euros in 2020 and 142,000 employees as of December 31, 2020, including 82,000 in France. The Group served 259 million customers as of December 31, 2020, including 214 million mobile customers and 22 million fixed-line broadband customers. The Group is present in 26 countries. Orange is also one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication services to multinational companies under the Orange Business Services brand. In December 2019, the Group presented its new strategic plan “Engage 2025” which, guided by social and environmental exemplarity, aims to reinvent its business as an operator. While accelerating in growth-generating territories and areas and placing data and AI at the heart of its innovation model, the Group intends to be an attractive and responsible employer, adapted to emerging professions.


Founded in 2007, IFPEB is an action-research laboratory for Sustainable Construction and the product of an alliance between the leading companies from the real estate, construction, industry and energy sectors. The institute acts as a collaborative consultancy, launches cross-functional projects, performs strategic monitoring, and stimulates shifts in the market towards new contractual, legal, financial and technical models.

The institute’s activities are divided into four main areas: energy control, LCA, the renovation of buildings in the existing stock and the analysis of evaluation standards of the sustainable development performance of works.


EDF is mainly known for being the world’s leading electrician. It is an international group particularly committed to sustainable development, especially as a producer of low carbon electricity, but is also known for its commitment to its clients through improvement of their energy performance. EDF also has a real estate division in charge of managing its commercial property stock, both owned and leased, to provide for its staff an effective working environment. This stock, which comprises 4.5 million m² in France, is subjected to long-term programmes to improve its environmental performance.


A subsidiary of Groupe La Poste, Poste Immo is simultaneously the real estate company of the group, provider of real estate services and a developer-promoter.

The company manages, develops, maintains and promotes a beautiful stock of buildings about 7 million m² in size, of which 4.2 million m² is freehold, representing more than 12,000 office, industrial and commercial buildings throughout the entire estate.

It supports its clients and the Group’s divisions (Services Courrier Colis, Geospost, Réseau La Poste, La Banque Postale et le Numérique) in the implementation of their real estate projects and the reductionof their costs to provide them with a property adapted to their needs and to urban developments.

It also proposes offering services to communities and to companies.

Poste Immo has an active development and promotion policy and starting with the reclassification of its own assets, but also through acquisition or partnerships, responds to strategic and urban issues facing Groupe La Poste. 

With its dual real estate and postal culture, it always maintains a close relationship based on trust with its clients and the elected officials thanks to its 1000 employees spread among its regional offices and its head office.

Key figures 

  • 848 million euros – overall turnover of the real estate division
  • 7 million m² – total size of the real estate stock of Poste Immo
  • 11,622 properties
  • 23,500 tenancies
  • 3.5 billion euros – estimated market value of the stock
  • 210 million euros invested in 2014
  • 1000 employees*


*Workforce of the real estate division of Groupe La Poste.


Global specialist in energy management, with a presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments. The Group benefits from a leading position in utilities and infrastructures, industries and machine manufacturers, non-residential buildings, data centres and networks and residential buildings. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and clean, its more than 140,000 employees generated 24 billion euros in sales in 2012 by engaging with individuals and organisations to help them make the most of their energy. BUSINESS IMMO is a media group dedicated to the real estate industry. A leader in its market, BUSINESS IMMO offers a multimedia information concept.


MyCO2 by Carbon 4

For over 10 years, Carbone 4 has been supporting companies in their low-carbon transformation. In order to disseminate its expertise to as many people as possible, Carbone 4 created MyCO2 in 2020, an interactive, guilt-free and fun conference that will enable you to :
– Measure and understand together the orders of magnitude of carbon on what speaks to you the most: your personal carbon footprint
– Launch a collective and positive dynamic through the sharing of testimonies, followed by a commitment phase offering a nuanced and personalized decision-making tool.
As this approach is offered in a company, all results will remain anonymous.

Energy monitoring

Sobre Energie

Sobre Energie is a strategic and operational consultancy company for energy management of real estate assets. A subsidiary of Banque des Territoires and Groupe la Poste, Sobre Energie was created to help companies and local authorities save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, mainly tertiary.

Sobre Energie is active across the entire energy management chain, deploying three areas of expertise: data to audit, analyze and measure the building stock, energy management to manage energy performance actions and monitor their impact, and commitment to mobilize both occupants and technical operators to ensure long-term energy savings.

Start-up partners

Vie to B

Since 2011, Vie to B has been developing the profession of Assistance to User Management (AMU), in order to encourage users to take ownership of the real estate project: common spaces, comfort, sobriety.

We are a collective of nine entrepreneurs with varied skills and experience, whose richness embodies the advent of the new hybrid profession that is AMU:

participative animation, sociology, building thermal, change support, etc.

Riposte Verte

Riposte Verte was born from a simple observation: in the office, CSR approaches and messages are rare and formatted.
Riposte Verte was created to overcome these shortcomings, which are real obstacles to awareness and action.

Riposte Verte runs the Observatory of Responsible Office and evaluates the PAP50 Barometer in partnership with WWF-France. Riposte Verte accompanies companies with services not recommended in CSR to respond to the urgency and importance of the issues for society in general and tertiary organizations in particular, Riposte Verte has set three main missions: Assess the social responsibility of tertiary organizations; Develop dedicated and innovative operational solutions; Accompany the implementation of responsible social policies.

Our commitment gives meaning to our actions and strengthens our legitimacy. We also attach particular importance to parity, hence an analysis of this subject in relation to our activity. Finally, here are some figures and quotes that inspire our daily work.


Egreen develops digital solutions to reduce energy and water consumption in commercial and residential buildings through data analysis and behavioral sciences.

A digital energy management platform and an eco-gesture awareness application are proposed to reduce energy consumption through behavioural changes and to meet the data collection and reporting obligations of the tertiary sector decree.

Thanks to this analysis, Egreen enables you to reduce your energy expenses, lower your water consumption, improve your recycling rates, reduce your waste collection and improve air quality.


Energic is the solution to involve all your occupants in the CUBE approach, to make them aware of eco-gestures in a playful way, and to communicate widely on the actions implemented.


Ludikenergie is an event agency specializing in sustainable development. Its uniqueness is based on a wide use of games, bikes and new technologies. It offers a varied and original range of events to mobilize all audiences and communicate effectively on the themes of energy and mobility.

Territorial partners

Association des centrales villageoises

The Centrales Villageoises are local companies with citizen governance that carry out projects in favor of the energy transition within a territorial logic. They bring together citizens, local authorities and companies and contribute to energy objectives while taking into account cross-cutting territorial issues (local economic development, landscape integration, social ties, etc.).

The Centrales Villageoises operate as a network within an Association and share a common model, based on the sharing of a large number of tools and services. This model is now being implemented in several French regions.

For more information:


The Bordeaux region is above all an exceptional living environment, with a remarkable natural environment and heritage that has been preserved. It is also an exceptional location, at the gateway to the ocean and Spain, with strong demographic growth. This growth stimulates the invention of new ways of living together and new ways of living in the city.

Magnetic, attractive, generous and supportive, our metropolis is recognized for its exceptional quality of life and its economic influence. Its fields of excellence (aeronautics, biotechnologies, health, digital, eco-industries) make it a flagship of innovation and the cornerstone of the professions of the future.

As respectful of a remarkable heritage as it is modern, dynamic and open to the world, Bordeaux Metropole is a constantly evolving territory that is shaping itself to the rhythm of bold projects. Symbols of its commitment and its investment in the future, they will contribute to making it one of the great European metropolises.

Official supports


The Conseil de l’immobilier de l’État, a consulting body reporting to the Minister of the Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform, who is in charge of real estate, is made up of members of parliament and experts in the field of real estate. It monitors and evaluates the progress of the modernization process and the evolution of the real estate assets of the State and its operators. As such, it makes strategic recommendations and gives opinions on texts and major real estate operations.


Launched in January 2009, the Plan Bâtiment Durable federates a large network of building and real estate players around a common mission: to promote the implementation of energy efficiency objectives.